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Monday, September 26, 2005

There's going to be a Fraggle Rock movie out in 2006.

The singer for Incubus is gay (like, for real).

No matter how many times I called her this weekend, Mary Kate Olson refused to pick up her phone. Weak.

Hatebreed is playing their 10 Year Anniversary show in November. Skarhead is playing too, which is funny, because the last few times I saw them, it was their "last show ever". If you feel like taking a beating, the show is at Toad's Place, in New Haven, CT.

Updates and the funny stuff will be slow (slower than usual - but who am I kidding, no one cares) because someone thought it would be a good idea to promote me at work. So now I have like actual "work" to do.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Get into Weerd Science before everyone else does.

For the unhip and uninformed, it's the drummer from Coheed and Cambria's solo rap album.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So I won't go into a big rant about what's happened in New Orleans (mostly because I hate the city, and will refrain from making comments out of respect to those down there), but I saw two pictures on Yahoo News, that absolutely ENRAGED me. Like, if this isn't BLATANT RACISM within the news media, I don't know WHAT is...

Ok, look at THIS picture, and read the caption over to the right.

Now look at THIS picture and read the caption over to the right.

what the fuck man....

Monday, August 29, 2005

Before I even get into the complaint department, I would just like to point out that Pitchfork Media has given Kanye West's new album (Late Registration) a score of 9.5/10. I've always said from day one - Pitchfork sweats three bands/artists; Television, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Kanye West. Now, I've heard most of his album already, and I will say this - it sounds like a "best of". It's phenominal. It's fire. For once in my life I actually agree with Pitchfork. You really have to get his record.

Ok, so moving on to what I do best...

Things I saw at the 2005 VMA's on MTV:

- 50 Cent giving the worst performance of the night. I was so wishing he would suddenly catch on fire, but no. Seriously, this guy is a dud. Worthless music, worthless performance, pretty much a worthless piece of life.

- Fat Joe taking a stab at G-Unit, and no one seemed to notice except me.

- Joel Madden (from Good Charlotte) getting creepy with Hillary Duff while presenting. Ok, so let me get this straight; is it an ok thing to bang underage girls as long as ONE of you are famous? Because if that's the case, Hollywood here I come...

- Too many people thinking Coldplay are a good band.

- Puffy (I refuse to call him Diddy or Daddy, or whatever the fuck his name is. He always was and always will be Puffy) absolutely BUTCHERING a few Biggie classics (songs, not a meal at Wendy's). Why doesn't Ms. Wallace just maintain 100% holdings of her son's songs so this type of shit won't happen. Ever again.

- Jessica Simpson sans Nick Lachey, and dressed like a slut.

- Ashlee Simpson presenting an award. So... looks like Ashlee is back to being a blonde again, huh. Probably a good thing too, now she can maintain her "stupid fucking dumb cunt" image with no problem now.

- Puffy referring to My Chemical Romance as "my boys". I thought that was funny until I saw the singer (of M.C.R.) wearing (what I thought to be) a bullet proof vest. Yeah, that makes sense now.

I think that's it. Yeah.

Friday, August 26, 2005

So I went to Pittsburgh this past weekend. It was totally awesome. I had never actually BEEN to Pittsburgh per se, I had driven around it before en route to Erie, PA (don’t ask), but I had never actually stopped in the city to look around. It’s a great place… kind of reminds me of Philly (which would stand to reason… both major cities in Pennsylvania).

While in the city, I stopped at this record/cd/comic book store called Eides (pronounced: ides. Heh heh) and picked up a bunch of stuff. I got:

- The Locust “I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle Remixes” double LP (on camo-colored vinyl)
- Dag Nasty “Wig Out at Denko’s” LP
- Survival of the Fattest (Fat Wreck Chords Comp.) LP
- A Pretty Girls Make Graves 7”, the one with the Bow Wow Wow cover.

I was going to buy this Social Distortion LP, but it was pretty damn expensive (like $40!), and the number markings on it were a little weird.

Expect reviews for said records soon. And by soon, I mean like in a month.

Anyway, so I went to a drive-in movie theater for the first time in my life. I forget exactly where the theater was, but it was pretty close to Pittsburgh. I actually didn’t know they still existed (drive-in’s, not Pittsburgh, but now that I think about it…), but apparently they do. Saw Wedding Crashers (by the way, without a doubt the funniest movie this year – Vince Vaughn is a genius. Pure genius.), most of The 40 Year Old Virgin, and like 10 seconds of Red Eye. It was incredibly cheap ($6 for two movies), plus you could bring your own booze to the movie if you’re into that sort of thing. Which I am.

Umm… what else? Oh yeah! Mel has a blog now! It’s pretty cool; it looks a lot better than mine, and she seems to actually update it with some sort of regularity. Which is WAY more than I can say about The Ides. You can either clicky on the linky over to the left, or you can just zap there from HERE. Tell her I sent you. Or don’t, see if I care.

Bumper sticker on a minivan I saw: “My Other Car is Gay”

Pretentious Soup Email Club. Website coming FALL 2005. “Ask About Us”

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hey. There's a new (and exclusive!) interview with LYPHE up right now.

Read it, then go download his stuff here. Or vice versa. Whatever.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So CBGB’s might be going under. And by ‘might’, I mean more than certainly. Pretty much the only way that that place will be spared is if it’s deemed a historical landmark by the city of New York. And that better happen pretty fucking quick because I think the city and whomever is owed their back rent is getting a little fed up with the place. Honestly, as much as I’d hate to see CB’s go, I could really care less. The only time there are good shows there are if it’s (surprise!) a benefit of some sort to keep their doors open for a few more weeks. They stopped doing Sunday Matinee shows countless years ago, punk/hardcore bands rarely play there anymore, and quite frankly, every band/artist that performs there now is just doing it to say they played on the same legendary stage as The Ramones. CB’s 313 (which is the café/bar next door) seems like it may stick around, as they get tons of acoustic/art-house type idiots that come through. But who knows. Sometimes, you just need to let a good thing die.

Take note: I’ve updated the “Featured MP3” This time we have a nice young fellow by the name of Lyphe. He’s an awesome rapper from White Plains, NY, and you should probably get hip to what he's got to say. Like, quickly. If you want to hear more from him, check out his Myspace page where you can download his other songs (including but not limited to, the unreleased track featuring the terrific Team 13): mypace.com/lyphe. Also look for Lyphe in the D.U.N.J.U.N. dvd series (which I think you can purchase on eBay). Look for an interview here pretty soon.

That Hulk Hogan show sort of bothers me. More specifically, his weird looking daughter who thinks she can sing bothers me. What’s with the children of “celebrities” always trying to get into the music biz? The Osbourne kids, Hogan’s kid… there are probably more, I just can’t think right now; it hurts me.

New Real World episode is on tonight. That kid who got his face demolished finds out that his mom croaked. Whoops, did I spoil that for you? Oh well. Go fuck yourself.

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